Batman #22 Review

The Button – Part 3


Writer: Joshua Williamson    (story: Tom King, Joshua Williamson)

Artist: Jason Fabok

Colourist: Brad Anderson

The investigation of the button continues as Batman and the Flash arrive in the Flashpoint universe!


There was something strange reading this issue. It was a Batman issue. It had Tom King’s name on the cover. But it didn’t feel like a Tom King issue of Batman. As the end the credits revealed, while he wrote the story, it was Joshua Williamson who wrote the script. It really goes a long way to show that Tom King’s writing is noticeable by its absence alone.

That said this is still a good issue. It feels a bit like filler. Overall not much happens, especially in comparison to the other two issues so far. Again, more happened in a minute of King’s issue than a near lifetime of Williamson’s.

What this issue does deliver on is emotion. As teased at the end of the last issue, Thomas and Bruce Wayne finally meet and it is as emotional as expected. The dialogue between the two, even the silence, conveys more feeling than the previous issues of this arc (and a major villain died in the opening issue).

Jason Fabok is on art duties again and does the best with what he’s given. There’s only so many way to pencil two Batmen talking to each other. Likewise for Brad Anderson, who colours the greys oh so well.

There is some time foolery as the issue fires off the cliff to be concluded in The Flash next week. Hopefully the ending will be as satisfying as these issues have been so far.

This, while being lacklustre, gets a recommendation purely because it’s the penultimate issue in an arc that is likely to be incredibly important moving forward in the DC Universe.

Recommendation: Pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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