X-Men Gold #3 Review

Back to Basics – Part 3


Writer: Marc Guggenheim

Artist: Ardian Syaf

Colourist: Frank Martin

The X-Men take the fight to the Brotherhood as the first act comes to a shocking conclusion.


This story has come to a satisfying end. The action was there, the plot twists were there, and the symbolic X-Men speeches were there. To me, this is everything an X-Men comic needs to be. I had read some other reviews of the previous issue and seen some people taking issue with this series.

Maybe I’m just a massive X-Men fanboy (and that is likely) but I sincerely believe that this arc, while basic, has everything necessary to make a good X-Men story. One of the criticisms was that this story has been told before. I have two issues with this. Firstly it has been told before, the ‘humans dislike mutants despite the X-Mens’ best efforts’ story is a staple of the franchise. I would counter that by saying that this story hasn’t been told in a very long time. Since about Avengers vs. X-Men way back when, the X-Men have been fighting each other, be it from the past, present or future. So it’s paradoxically refreshing for this story to be told again.

Secondly, if ever there was a time to retell the story of discrimination it’s now. With the way the world is going at the moment, comics really have a duty to respond and offer positive messages to their readers. One would argue it’s what comics are for. Superman and Captain America were created in times of War. So with the Refugee Crisis, Muslim Bans and all sorts, it’s great to see Guggenheim respond to these events with the most appropriate book there is.

My criticisms of the issue are simple. Guggenheim, like TV turned comic writer Joss Whedon, has a tendency to become a bit quippy. Every X-Man and villain could say each other’s lines and it wouldn’t be out of character. That aside I have no real problem with the script of the issue. I’m unsure how many more issues Ardian Syaf will offer art for, but I don’t have a problem with his style. A little two dimensional but I kind of appreciate it. Again, it’s a shame about his personality.

Recommendation: pick up the issue – The X-Men are fun again and they’re also relevant, which is the most important thing.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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