X-Men Gold #4 Review

Techno Superior – Part 1


Gambit may need help from the X-Men after a recent heist. But what did he steal?


Writer: Marc Guggenheim

Artist: R. B. Silva

Colourist: Frank Martin

Guggenheim started this series strong and looks to be continuing with the success. While the last arc had a classic 80s vibe to it, this feels very 90s X-Men to me. Gambit is back and it’s great to see him again. Not only is he back but he’s acting as he should.

The issue has shades of the 2012 Gambit series. Silva’s art is very reminiscent of Clay Mann’s albeit in places, a little off. Certain angles look awkward. At one point Nightcrawler’s arm looks about 12 inches long. That aside Silva shows a lot of clear skill. I was concerned how Marvel would replace Syaf. While he wasn’t for everyone I felt his style lent itself well to the tone of the series. I say he wasn’t for everyone stylistically, he obviously shouldn’t be pencilling any major book (let alone an X-Men book) after what he did.

Moving on the plot of the issue is well paced. Guggenheim is a master of giving the reader just enough before moving on to a totally different character. Gambit may be about to make a discovery when suddenly the reader is whisked away to Kitty Pryde and her X-Men taking on some colourful villains. The actual plot itself is very X-Men. Guggenheim appears to be sincere when he said he was taking the series back to its roots.

My only complaint of the script would be that Guggenheim has a tendency to write like Joss Whedon. Every character sounds a bit like one another after a while. It’s especially noticeable in this issue as both Gambit and Colossus feel like they’re talking like everyone else but with their dialect added afterwards. da, mon chere?

Overall this is still a fantastic issue and the X-Men look to be rises again after too many years in the shadows.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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