The Flash #22 Review

The Button – part 4


The Button story concludes with teases and emotions galore!

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Howard Porter

Colourist: Hi-Fi

I had my worries this arc would just fizzle out. Maybe it’s the fan service included here but damn did I love this.

Firstly this is basically a full length trailer. If you’re okay with that then you’ll enjoy this. If that irritates you then there is some things here to entertain you but you may be let down.

This is one of those issues that’s hard to review if you care about spoilers.

I want you to enjoy it so I’d say just read it now. I’ll try my best to talk about it without mentioning the plot.

Howard Porter’s art is simply fantastic. Coupled with Hi-Fi’s colours, every page is exciting. It made me feel how comics should make me feel. Like a kid. Character’s emoted and backgrounds matched the situation. I’d like Porter to get a proper run with a character. Batman was coloured a little more blue than he’s been in years. I liked it but it was a bit of a continuity error if you care.

Williamson offers plenty of intertextual references to keep any fan happy. Granted if you haven’t read much Flash (or even a certain other comic book) this will go straight over your head. Still fun though.

Recommendation: pick up the issue

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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