Where Do We Go From Here? Film Review

Writer and director: John McPhail

Production Company: Worrying Drake Productions

Synopsis: When Jen starts her new job as a nurse at the ‘Easy Love Care Home’, she is surprised to find James, a 25 year old man living and working in the building. James and his three, elderly best friends hatch a plan to go on one last adventure and the only medical cover they can get is the one person who doesn’t want to be around old people. Will their plan go off without a hitch or is there a sell by date on adventure? (Via IMDB)

First things first, I don’t usually review movies. But this movie made me feel so much I can’t help but write about it.

Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to be involved as a volunteer for the Southside Film Festival in Glasgow. It was the first time I’d been involved in any kind of film festival. Working the tech, I got great experience screening movies and setting projectors up etc. The films I got to see were all very enjoyable, with the Short Film Awards screening being a standout. We screened a series of short films connected to Glasgow’s Southside and the audience voted for their favourite. Getting to see other artists work was a fantastic experience and seeing said artists getting the respect they deserve was a satisfying feeling.

But the film that closed the festival was John McPhail’s Where Do We Go From Here? and it was spectacular. The main reason I want to talk about this movie over everything else is because I believe it deserves the wider exposure. Not to suggest the five people that will read this will make the film explode, but I firmly believe this film is so good that if I can convince anyone to see it, it’ll be worth writing this.

As for the actual review, McPhail has done a fantastic job of inverting the coming of age genre. Essentially this is a coming of age movie, although the protagonist, James (played by Tyler Collins) is a 25-year-old who lives in a care home for the elderly. After a powerfully emotional opening montage reminiscent of Up, the audience sees James mature as he falls in love with the care home’s newest nurse: Jen (played by Lucy-Jane Quinlan).

Tyler Collins is a magnificent actor. It wasn’t until after the screening that I learned he isn’t even Scottish. Considering how difficult the Scottish accent is, it’s incredible that he can pull it off so convincingly as an American. All the other performances were fantastic, with many of the cast winning and being nominated for awards. It should be added that Collins also contributed to a majority of the songs in the soundtrack. He’s a multitalented artist.

The plot of the movie, while simplistic, is incredibly entertaining. It’s not often that a film manages to make me tear up, then laugh, then tear up again. Add to that the simply beautiful shots in the film, it’s really a total package. This is a must-see movie for film fans.

I managed to get a short conversation with McPhail after the screening. He’s such a humble man. This being his first feature film, McPhail had previously produced short films which can be found on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUTEdOwMMS9TBfsUg4Op0VQ/videos. Talking to him, his passion for entertaining people really comes across. During the Q and A after the film he emphasised that everything he makes is for people. Entertaining audiences is his foremost goal.

Now, it might be somewhat ironic, but the film hasn’t technically been released yet. During our conversation I asked McPhail about the release process and he hopes to have the film get a cinema release in the near future. Being the work horse McPhail is, he’s currently working on his next feature, which is probably hampering his ability to work on this film’s release. I look forward to seeing his future work and hopefully both films will see a cinema release as well as digital download release in the near future.

This has been a bit of a ramble but honestly Where Do We Go From Here? is a really good movie. I recommend everyone see it.

Recommendation: everyone should see this feel good film.


Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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