The Amazing Spider-Man #28 Review

The Osborn Identity Part Four: ‘One on One’


Spider-Man goes one on one with Osborn, Sable takes on the Countess and Mockingbird is left to save Symkaria with her team. How will S.H.I.E.L.D. react to Spider-Man’s attempt to overthrow a foreign government? 

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Stuart Immonen

Colourist: Marte Gracia with Andres Mossa

It’s funny to think that teaming Spider-Man up with Silver Sable, Mockingbird and a team of characters you’ve never heard of, placing them in a fictional eastern European nation and having them confront an evil leader is how Slott has made Spider-Man feel the most like Spider-Man in years.

Like most other people, I haven’t been a fan of Slott’s decision to turn Parker into Iron Man. Parts of the tech genius CEO character fits with Peter Parker but it strays a bit too far from the ‘average guy’ that is Parker. While he may be a genius, he’s still just a regular dude. He struggles to pay the bills. He has girl problems. He has lots of people to care. He would rather use his knowledge to teach than make money. Technically Slott has only changed my first and last points but that hinders the character.

It’s hard to invest in Parker now since he has everything so easy. His bills are fine, he’s rich. He has girls falling out his ears (even though he isn’t with any of them, but he’s too busy being rich to notice). He has so many people to care about he routinely asks them to look after each other. Worst of all, CEO Parker reminds me of Parker pre Uncle Ben’s death. He seems more interested in fame than helping people. An argument could be made Parker Industries is trying to help the world but it doesn’t feel like it when all they develop are weapons.

With that rant out the way, this Osborn Identity arc has done a decent job of reminding me why I like Spider-Man. From start to finish Parker has been concerned with taking Osborn down because he knows he poses a threat to everyone’s safety. He did the right thing even if it hurt his company. He even goes through much of this issue without gadgets or powers. In summary, he feels like Spider-Man again.

I hope this lasts but judging by the cover of next month’s issue it doesn’t look promising.

As usual Immonen’s art works wonderfully. I think he has the best Spider-Man suit currently. He makes the eyes just the right size; not absurdly big, not so small he looks like a villain. I do like the Osborn redesign, I look forward to it being retconned soon. Colouring was also good yet it doesn’t stand out.

Recommendation: pick up the issue – or – pick up the trade if you don’t like Slott’s Spider-Man

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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