Titans #12 Review

Bad Omen


Omen meets with Psimon to try to uncover the details surrounding Karen Duncan’s memories. 

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

Colourist Dan Brown

This is the type of issue I had hoped Titans would be.

The series, in my opinion, has been very hit and miss. Considering myself as a young 20 something this series should be right up my alley. But every month the stories have been generic action sequences. This issue changes that.

For most of its 24 pages, this issue is dialogue only. This is a smartly written comic that highlights what the medium can do. Kenneth Rocafort’s artwork seeks to add stimulating imagery to the sedate plot while Dan Brown’s colours look to add vibrancy. When it was announced that the no-longer-teen Titans would be getting their own series, this is exactly the sort of smart, grown up story I had envisioned.

Within the dialogue, characters are explored. In this issue alone I feel closer to each member of the team than ever before, and we’re 12 issues in. There’s a real sense that these are characters my age now. Hopefully the series will continue this tone, while injecting some necessary comic book action from time to time.

the art really surprises me. I dropped New 52 Superman way back when because I couldn’t get into Rocafort’s style, yet here it is exactly what the series needed. I don’t quite understand myself but his clean detailed style mixed with the messy panel structure perfectly encapsulates the series. I’m not 100% on board with his panel’s borders but they work for now. Rocafort needs to stay on this book but I’m worried he won’t. Couple his art with Brown’s colours and you’ve got yourself a beautiful comic book.

This issue shows that the Titans still have promise.

Recommendation: pick up the issue

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

4 thoughts on “Titans #12 Review”

  1. That’s something I hate as well: when there’s an artist on a comic that really nails it and elevates it if the writing is also good. It’s been a big problem for me with the twice monthly DC Rebirth titles, there seem to be stretches where the artist rotation is more random and some have ahad mediocre fill-in artists. It makes me wish they’d go back to monthly shipping on everything to give us that consistency which can a lot of the time make or break a comic.

    Glad Kenneth Rocafort brought the ‘magic’ to Titans for you!


    1. I totally agree with you on the artist shake ups. For me Green Arrow had the worst changes week to week. One week you had this realistic Grell style then the next week you’ve got Green Arrow the cartoon. I like both but one would help not muddy the tone.

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