New Super-Man #12 Review

The Zero Ultimatum: Part Two


A mysterious new Superman seeks to help Kenan, but he destroys just as much as the monster. Plus, more is revealed about Kong Kenan’s past and the Justice League of China. 

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Artist: Billy Tan

Colourist: Gadson

Every month New Super-Man further develops something. Each month it becomes clearer that Yang has big plans for the series.

Like a master Yang is slowly dripping mythology into New Super-Man. Had the series began with massive turtles destroying the city whilst fighting giant snakes many readers would likely have been turned off. But Yang knows what he’s doing. Like with Kenan’s powers, each issue introduces a new idea stemming from Chinese mythology.

I feel it’s a testament to the content DC is putting out right now but I start almost every review with a ‘this is one of DC’s best books’ and this issue is no different. I’d consider New Super-Man among my top five comics right now.

The mythology manages to add something new to the Superman lore which, along with the Chinese setting, gives readers something different that isn’t just an aesthetic change.

I imagine this series will get very crazy the longer it goes. This issue featured an apathetic Superman throwing a giant turtle through a city, and we’re only 12 issues in. While I mention the destruction, this issue feels like a critique of Man of Steel. The new-new Superman doesn’t care for humanity and so doesn’t understand Kenan’s concern while ‘saving the day.’

So as building upon building is destroyed, the Justice League of China frantically try to save as many as they can, while also diverting the action out of the city. This was as much about wild action as it was highlighting Kenan’s humanity and ability as a Superhero.

Billy Tan’s art does the issue justice. His style works very well with the tone Yang has developed.

This is definitely a series you should be following.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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