Daredevil #22 Review

Supreme: Part Two


Daredevil’s plan to end crime in New York City continues as he takes to the stand to testify in court. Will his plan work? 

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Goran Sudzuka

Colourist: Matt Milla

It was a bold move from Soule to write a Daredevil issue that takes place almost entirely in a courtroom. This is one of the most dialogue heavy super hero issues I’ve read in recent months. And it’s wonderful.

It feels smart. Reading this issue makes you feel like you have a slight understanding of the American criminal justice system, even though it’s probably been heavily fictionalised.

But the real strength of this issue is that it makes the reader care. I was almost disappointed when the action started. Disappointed that the smart, witty dialogue would have to stop for a few pages. We’ve all seen Daredevil beat thugs up but it’s been months since we last seen Matt Murdock talk his way through a court case.

Sudzuka’s simplistic art style lends itself well to this style of story. The flat visuals with their bold colours help push the reader towards the dialogue. You won’t be distracted by the art but take a break from the dialogue to appreciate the art and you’ll see how beautiful it is.

I should also take a second to note it’s great to see the classic red costume again. Soule is turning nostalgia for the red into a trope of this series.

The plot is satisfying and looks to be leading somewhere exciting. The art works wonderfully as do the colours. This is a story worth reading.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

3 thoughts on “Daredevil #22 Review”

  1. Nice review Alex, I think the only thing that was a ler down for me this issue was the art as I just wasn’t all that taken with it. Guess I just prefer it when Ron Garney is handling the visuals on this newer DD volume but love Soule’s writing.

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