Nightwing #23 Review

Blockbuster Part Two


Blockbuster’s brother asks for help from Nightwing. Will he give it to him? Can Nightwing cope with his superhero duties while finding a job and being there for his girlfriend? 

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Minkyu Yung

Colourist: Chris Sotomayor

Tim Seeley writes a Nightwing that has real problems. He wants to help everyone he can but he struggles to maintain a relationship. Despite that description, Seeley manages to write Nightwing well since he’s not just ‘Spider-Man but Batman.’ Seeley writes Nightwing as a Batman who had much better nurturing.

Throughout this issue I felt like I could have a conversation with Nightwing. He’s believable. The scenes he has with his girlfriend Shawn are heart wrenching for their relatability. His desire to do good even if he can’t find a job is a great ‘realistic’ parallel to Batman and his endless income. The plot itself is interesting, I’m always a fan of a redemption arc, if that’s what this even is.

It’s a small thing, but seeing Count Vertigo and members of The Ninth Circle in this issue was a nice treat for a Green Arrow fan.

Art wise, Yung’s style doesn’t stand out for me but it’s more than adequate. It’s good but at no point was I blown away, and there’s a number of nice Nightwing splash pages. Sotomayor’s colours work well to give depth to the characters. I especially like his colouring of Shawn and Dick Grayson. Using the same colour for his shirt and her hair is genius.

Nightwing is still one of my favourite ongoing comics.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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