Green Arrow #25 Review

Broken Arrow


Seattle is dead, Oliver Queen is in jail and the Ninth Circle look to go global. 

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Otto Schmidt

As great as Schmidt’s artwork is, the change from Ferreyra’s art is jarring.

Otto Schmidt has a somewhat cartoonish style. Features are exaggerated and poses are over the top. It works and it looks good but again it’s so strange coming from the details of Ferreyra. Once you get used to the art it meshes really well with the story.

Percy continues to deliver a mature, political tale that still has time for bows and arrows. The darkness of the previous arc remains with Green Arrow’s apparent failure to stop the Ninth Circle at the forefront of this issue. Percy has done a good job reminding the readers that Oliver Queen is a real person. He doesn’t have powers. He’s just trying his best.

The politics surrounding the literal death of a city also come across fairly well. Only occasionally did I step back from the issue with a ‘wait-a-minute’ reaction. Percy wisely centres most of this issue around Queen himself with brief looks at news reports about the Mayor.

The real genius of Percy is noticeable as everything from Rebirth Green Arrow is important. The Underground Men of the opening arc return and everything works together. Clearly Percy has a plan for Green Arrow.

There’s a new character this issue in Queen’s lawyer. The more dialogue she was given the more I realised, like with the Underground Men, she’s going to play a much larger role than a supporting character in a four-issue arc.

I’d consider Percy’s Green Arrow as some of the best DC has put out since Rebirth but also since New 52.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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