Superman #25 Review

Black Dawn Chapter 6 ‘Fade to Black’


With Superboy under Manchester Black’s control it’s up to Superman, Batman, Robin, Frankenstein and his Bride to save the day. 

Writers: Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi

Artists: Doug Mahnke & Patrick Gleason

Colourists: Wil Quintana & John Kalisz

The Black Dawn arc has been reasonably impressive. Gleason and Tomasi have shown again why Superman must act the way he does. They’ve also managed to show this and teach basic moral principles while also advancing the story. Superboy goes through everything here and comes out stronger than ever. As the series continues the readers are really getting to see what Superboy is capable of.

Gleason and Tomasi are a great team. Their writing is fantastic. From the humorous smarminess of Robin to the dramatic speeches of Superman, they know all their characters intensely. Additionally they understand how to pace a story for the comic format. The cliffhangers have been engaging yet never bordering on obnoxious. The action has been plentiful but it’s never overtaken the serious points of the story.

This issue perfectly concludes this arc and features everything readers have come to expect of the pair.

Art wise I have some issues. The two artists have drastically different styles. This can work in some cases but I don’t think it compliments the plot here. At times Mahnke’s pages can be very cluttered. It helps emphasise the action but it helps if the reader can make out what’s happening. Especially when Gleason’s pages are so clean. It doesn’t help that the issue was inked buy a football team. The six inkers are noticeable with some pages appearing messier than others.

Recommendation: pick up the issue

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

2 thoughts on “Superman #25 Review”

  1. Good review Alex, I had the same issues with the art – I really value visual consistency in comics and things seem to get messy in the Rebirth titles from time to time. I enjoy the Superman books but feel it’s time to reduce the focus on Superboy a little!

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    1. Thanks man, I only read this book and New Superman so I’m not sure what’s happening to Superman and co. when they’re not in Hamilton. I reckon the Superboy focus will dampen soon. It’s given readers a look at Superman from a different perspective and now that Superboy is maturing I could see Superman letting him do his thing

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