X-Men Gold #7 Review

Secret Empire Part 1


While the team regroup from the A.I. Sentinel attack demons invade New York. The X-Men do what they can to help, but there’s a mutant serial killer loose in the X-Mansion. 

Writer: Marc Guggenheim

Artist: Ken Lashley

Colourist: Frank Martin

Marc Guggenheim is a very good X-Men writer. He’s a master at blending the smaller emotional moments between friends or lovers with the massive over the top comic book action.

This issue is no different. As with the previous issues of the series, Guggenheim has emphasised discrimination. What is great about this issue is how he blends the discrimination aspect so finely that you could almost gloss over it.

Small things like opening with the contrast between Magneto attacking Central Park in the past with the team living their peacefully now. Or the humans attacking Nightcrawler because they think he’s a demon. These are somewhat subtle nods towards the very real discrimination that exists. The Magneto scene represents the reasons why people have difficulty forgetting the past meanwhile the Nightcrawler scene highlights that people are quicker to judge when they are in fear.

This is good comic book writing. Silly action with a message.

On top of this the serial killer storyline is interesting and looks to adopt the same discriminatory theme. The fact that Guggenheim can tell all this in one issue as well as include heartfelt conversations between developing couples is amazing.

I wasn’t a fan of the cover but Ken Lashley’s art inside is wonderful. Frank Martin’s colours help provide a link between the revolving artists. His vibrancy really connects with the story.

Another stellar issue that opens another promising arc.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

3 thoughts on “X-Men Gold #7 Review”

  1. Nice review Alex. I’m an X-Men fan, it was one of the first comic book titles I picked up and read religiously as a kid growing up in the 90s…but I’ve found it difficult to get back into the X-universe in recent years as it’s all become rather convoluted. Would you say X-Men Gold is worth a shot to someone like myself?

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    1. Thanks man, I grew up on the 90s cartoon and the Evolution cartoon so those were my introductions. From there I’ve read Morrison’s run and bits of Whedon as well as the odd classic issue here and there. Personally I love X-Men Gold. It carries with it all the themes of the series while keeping each arc simple at 3 issues each(so far). It feels like the best mix of Whedon and Morrison along with a dash of Claremont. The art has been pretty amazing too. I hear good things about X-Men Blue but I’ve not read that yet.

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