Batman #26 Review

The War of Jokes and Riddles Part Two


Batman elaborates on what happened in the war between the Joker and the Riddler. 

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Mikel Janin

Colourist: June Chung

This issue has possibly the most members of Batman’s rogues gallery out of all Tom King’s issues so far. In fact, with this issue the reader begins to get an idea of what King has in store for Batman.

So far Tom King has amazed readers with his take on Batman but for the most part his use of Batman characters has been mild. New characters like Gotham Girl have been introduced but of the main Batman cast only Bane, Catwoman and Psycho Pirate have really been used so far. Well with the War of Jokes and Riddles heating up it’s clear that King has a plan for each character in the Batman mythos.

This brings me on to my only issue. I’m a bit at a loss with the current continuity. I understand this story takes place in the past, but I’m not sure how far into the past. I’m not sure if it takes place after Zero Year or if Zero Year still happened. The depiction of the Joker has me at a slight loss too, I think this story may be building on the multiple Joker story that was introduced a while ago. Possibly, this will lead into the Metal event that’s upcoming. It’s not really a problem I’m just confused since I don’t keep up with the continuity often. If anyone understands could you please comment and help me?

That aside Janin’s art is wonderful as ever. Occasionally I see panels that remind me of panels from his other issues but there’s not too much wrong with that. June Chung’s colours really help add some depth to Janin’s art. I’ll reiterate from last issue’s review, I love Janin’s Joker. His Riddler is a bit too handsome but he’s growing on me.

This looks to be one of those arcs people will talk about for a few years.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

3 thoughts on “Batman #26 Review”

  1. Awesome review Alex, a lot of people have loaded the hate onto King for his Batman run but, like yourself, I’ve really enjoyed it and the beginning of this new arc has been exceptional (helped greatly by Janin’s art). I had similar issues with getting my head around the continuity but my take is that Zero Year still happened, but what the hey, best just roll along with it.

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      1. The vibe I get online is that most are finding it a bit hit and miss and living in the shadows of Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo’s run. But like yourself I really like King’s work on the title.

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