Superman #26 Review

Brains vs. Brawn


Superman struggles to teach Superboy how he should act as a superhero. 

Writer: Michael Moreci

Artist: Scott Godlewski

Colourist: Hi-Fi

This is the most disappointing issue of Superman since the renumbering at Rebirth.

It reeks of filler. Apart from the regular writers being busy there is no need for this issue. At times like this I feel like some Rebirth titles would benefit from going once a month rather than bi-weekly.

Moreci writes Superboy and Superman in ways we have never seen so far. Suddenly Superboy is a full of himself, mischievous child who either can’t hear Superman or is disobedient to the point he could turn evil next week. From start to finish Superboy just does the opposite of what he’s told. Superman says this at the beginning of the issue and it read like hyperbole but the issue then seeks to emphasise that no, Superboy in fact does the opposite of what he’s told. Every time. It’s like a 70s issue of Superman where some strange Kryptonite made Superboy purposefully do the opposite every time he’s told something.

The links to Superman’s upbringing were decent but we’ve seen it a hundred times by now. It could have been handled better. The central issue within the issue is that both Superman and Pa Kent were different people and Superman and Superboy are different people. Ok. I don’t think Superboy had to have his character changed completely for this.

Art wise Godlewski does a decent job. For a filler artist his linework is good but personally I’d say his eyes are always too small. Maybe it’s just really sunny in Hamilton this issue and that’s why everyone is consistently squinting.

Recommendation: avoid the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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