Spider-Men II #1 Review

Part One


Five years after the original series Peter Parker and Miles Morales must once again team up. Who is the other Miles? 

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Sara Pichelli

Colourist: Justin Sponsor

So it’s five years later and we finally get a sequel to Spider-Men. I really liked the original series. However a lot has changed in the Marvel Universe since then. Parker and Morales teaming up just isn’t the big deal that it used to be back when the two lived in separate universes. Now I’ll admit I’m not completely up to date with my Marvel Universe continuity but I understand that Miles now lives in the same universe as Peter and that the Ultimate Universe isn’t a thing anymore.

Straightaway the selling point of the original series is gone. How does Bendis market this sequel then? ‘Who is the other Miles?’ In one of the most ridiculous “I’ll write it later” Bendis Cliff-hangers, the original series ended with Peter Googling Miles Morales to find out who his 616 counterpart was. Five years later and we’re finally getting to find out, long after readers had either forgotten or stopped caring.

How is the issue? It’s an ok Bendis issue. Personally it was nice to read a Spider-Man not written by Dan Slott (I know there are many other Spider books but I just stick to Amazing). The characters act how you would expect and the dialogue is the usual better than average Bendis dialogue. In places it gets a bit to repetitive as it often does with Bendis but it’s not too bad.

There are multiple double page spreads dedicated to dialogue scenes that do not feature the level of dialogue necessary for a double page spread. Again, Bendis. This is clearly a set up issue getting readers ready for the story. It would work well in a graphic novel but as a monthly series an issue like this just comes across boring. It feels a bit like Bendis is taking the time to introduce Miles to readers again, even though he’s been a mainstay since Secret Wars.

Whoever the other Mile’s is isn’t overly interesting at this point but luckily Pichelli’s art is so great the issue is still a joy to read.

Overall an ok issue that introduces a series that wasn’t really asked for.

Recommendation: wait for the trade.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

3 thoughts on “Spider-Men II #1 Review”

    1. I can’t really say based on this issue alone. I don’t read Bendis’s Miles book but I really enjoyed the freshness of Bendis’s Peter after years of Slott’s. I don’t hate Slott’s writing but I’m getting a bit bored of Spider-Man being a poor CEO who struggles to be a boss. Whereas here there’s no mention of Parker Industries just Spider-Man doing his best and feeling damn guilty when things go wrong, regardless of if it’s his fault.


      1. The earlier Miles Morales comics were really good and I even liked them better than the ASM titles. His character has kinda gone downhill with weird powers and such but I still kinda like him. He didn’t quite go down the crapper like the Ms. Marvel comics did.

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