Titans #13 Review

End Game


The Titans take the fight to H.I.V.E. as they try to get Bumblebee’s memory back. 

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: V. Ken Marion

Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse

What a disappointing issue. Considering this is one of the few monthly titles DC is putting out, you’d expect it to contain something worthy or carrying readers over the next four weeks. As it stands, more happens in many of the bi-weekly titles than this issue.

Last month Titans had what I considered to be one of the best issues of the series. It focused on the team dynamic and relied heavily on dialogue and situations many 20 something people find themselves in.

Yet here we have one single action sequence stretched out to take up the entire issue. And it’s not even good action. Even though the last issue was primarily talking between characters, it’s this action heavy issue that feels like complete filler. There’s honestly a page that features five panels each with a different character saying a slightly different wording of the same paragraph.

The art is really disappointing too. This is my first exposure to Marion’s art and it’s not to my taste. Some poses look a little awkward and every character constantly looks like they’re in pain. It doesn’t help that Rocafort was on art duties last month, those are large shoes to fill.

There isn’t much more to say other than it’s a let-down of an issue that could and should have been much more.

Recommendation: avoid the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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