Daredevil #24 Review

Supreme Part 4


Matt Murdock’s plan to eradicate crime in New York City comes crumbling down. Only the help of an old friend could change the tide for Murdock’s luck. 

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Alec Morgan

Colourist: Matt Milla

Yet again I’m impressed by how entertaining Charles Soule can make an issue of Daredevil with minimal action.

Like the previous issue, much of this month’s Daredevil is focused on legal heavy dialogue. It feels genuine and I have no idea if it is, having little to no knowledge of US court rules, but the fact that it feels genuine is what’s important.

There are shades of legal dramas in this arc. Dare I say shades of the Netflix Daredevil. It’s like reading an illustrated play script.

On the note of illustrations, I need to bring up the art. How do you make a dialogue heavy issue entertaining? Artwork would be the obvious answer. Like last time Alec Morgan’s style is very divisive. It definitely isn’t for everyone. I wasn’t keen on it last time but I have to say it’s growing on me substantially.

Morgan’s art gives the series an indie comic vibe. I’m in love with Matt Milla’s bold colouring of backgrounds. Morgan and Milla work in tandem like poetry. I’d say Milla is the star of the issue. Every page you notice just how good the colours are. Personally, that’s how I was kept entertained by a dialogue heavy issue.

Overall it’s hard for me to decide it I recommend this issue or not. I’d say it’s well worth the read but many people will take exception to Morgan’s art.

Recommendation: pick up the issue – if – you don’t mind the occasional ‘style heavy’ artist.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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