Green Arrow #27 Review

Hard Traveling Hero Part 2


Last time it was the Flash, this week Green Arrow teams up with Wonder Woman to save a senator! 

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Jamal Campbell

Green Arrow continues to be one of the best comics DC puts out each month.

Coming right off from the last issue, this issue begins with the Flash teaming with Green Arrow before he has to leave and do forensic science stuff. This leaves Green Arrow on his own for barely a minute before Wonder Woman shows up to guest star.

Like last time this issue is a bag of fun. The action is fast and the dialogue witty. These issues always make me want Green Arrow to team up with ‘real’ Justice League heroes more often. His back and forth with Diana is so satisfying. It’s also great to see Ollie in the Lasso of Truth.

There’s a different artist this week with Jamal Campbell. I’m glad to say his style fits perfectly with the story and blends well with the previous artists. I especially love how he depicted Wonder Woman. This issue respects her. Standing next to Ollie, Wonder Woman is a clear few inches taller than him. Like an Amazon. If I was to have any complaint I’d say Campbell’s colouring is a little lacking in comparison to others but it’s really only when you search the issue for faults that you find this. It’s not bad just a little bland.

Overall this is yet another great Green Arrow issue. One that’s more fun than usual.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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