Iron Fist #6 Review

A contract is out for Danny Rand’s life. Danny only just lands back in Vancouver and he’s already attacked by The Seer, as he attempts to cash in on the contract. 

Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Mike Perkins

Colourist: Andy Troy

Iron Fist is now comfortably out of the martial arts tournament storyline and immediately he’s thrust into the ‘contract on his life’ storyline. I wondered how the series would move on from the structure of a tournament but this works well. Only time will tell if this arc’s structure is a similar ‘opponent of the month.’

It was good to see Danny talk to other people who need saved again. While I enjoyed the previous arc I still like to see my superheroes have chances to be heroic from time to time. The action is superb and expertly drawn by Perkins. I’m a fan of the panel within panel design he does.

Colouring is very mute again this month with Andy Troy using only cold colours for the most part. The overall darkness of the comic along with the gritty art style reminds me of early 00s Marvel. This is entirely subjective and biased but I have a soft spot for the old Marvel Knights and such, so this comic’s similarity to that brings back good memories. I can easily see it as being and old Marvel Knights series if Marvel still ran that.

I appreciate Brisson’s ability to have dialogue in such an action focussed issue. It’s not all just punching and kicking. This means you won’t fire through the issue in five minutes. There’s a lot to love in these pages. Without spoiling too much I’ll add that this series (and issue) have mild cliffhangers. They’re never anything irritating but enough to keep you hooked to the next issue. No issue ever feels like it was written for the trade, it feels like a comic book. And by today’s standards that’s great.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.


Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

3 thoughts on “Iron Fist #6 Review”

  1. I’m one of the few who didn’t hate the Netflix series and I’ve been wanting to check out this series (Mike Perkins being the biggest draw…pun possibly intended ha) so I’m glad to hear it’s coming along. I’ll no doubt pick up the first volume when it’s released – great review Alex.

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    1. I can appreciate a good pun. I’ll admit I think I hated the Netflix show, I ended up enjoying the Meachum stuff but anything Rand but me to sleep. This series is really nothing like the show, it’s pace is much faster. Thanks for the kind words too.

      Liked by 1 person

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