Nightwing #26 Review

Spyral Part One


Nightwing is reconnected with Huntress as the two go looking for the assassin Dracul, but they might find more than they bargained for… 

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Javier Fernandez

Colourist: Chris Sotomayor

The twists and turns are piling up in this series as Seeley and Fernandez take readers on another wild ride.

The return of Huntress allows the issue to have some fantastic dialogue as both she and Nightwing bicker with each other. The issue moves at a rather breakneck pace, with many important plot points occurring in quick succession. It’s odd in comparison to the previous arc ‘Blockbuster’ as this issue makes ‘Blockbuster’ seem like filler.

I had thought the previous arc to be thoroughly entertaining but so much happens within this one issue that it appears the ‘Blockbuster’ story was simply building towards this. I have no idea how long the Spyral arc will last but hopefully it gets a fair share of issues.

Javier Fernandez brings a certain polish to the issue. His art is beautiful with the shots of faces and bodies being particularly impressive. His large scenes somewhat pale in comparison to these character poses but it’s largely unimportant thanks to the colouring of Sotomayor. I’ve noticed that Sotomayor favours the colour wheel, including a colour and its opposite in most pages. It’s particularly noticeable in the scenes with Shawn as the background is often orange to contrast with her teal hair, even if the scene is at night.

I should add that the story ends in such a way that readers will either be angered or intrigued. I have faith in Seeley so I’m on the edge of my seat for the next issue but I understand if some would be put off by the ending.

Another great issue of Nightwing, an issue that understands the character and has him in situations he should be in.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics and books. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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