All Star Batman #13 Review

The First Ally Part 4


More is revealed about Alfred’s past and its connection to Batman’s current problem. 

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

Like last time this story fails to work for me.

It’s weird to think that a Batman story (written by Snyder and drawn by Albuquerque no less) can bore me so much. There are parts that I like but overall, this plot about Alfred and Briar just doesn’t do anything.

The issue starts strong with Batman and Alfred plunging to what you would expect to be their death. As they land the issue jumps back into a flashback for almost the rest of the issue. Here’s where my problem lies. I’m struggling to remember what the actual story in the present is. It’s a little all over the place since we’re jumping back and forth between Alfred’s past and Batman’s present. I manage to remember the Alfred side of the story but every month I find myself confused for a minute while I try and remember how Batman ended up in the situation he’s in.

Giving this issue its due, the Alfred stuff is the most interesting it’s been. For the past three issues Alfred’s flashbacks have followed the same vague thread but this month something actually happens to propel the story forward. This is part of the reason I’m having a hard time, it’s taken till now for the two stories to really meet. So far there’s been references to Alfred’s past in Batman’s fights but now we can start to see why they matter. It’s a slow burn.

Art wise everything’s pretty, as it should be with someone like Rafael Albuquerque, but there’s an overall blandness. The current day scenes are overly pink for some reason while Alfred’s past is brown no matter where he is. It’s disappointing to see the art come out so dull considering how excited I was.

Overall I remain unimpressed with this arc.

Recommendation: avoid the issue.

Author: Alex

I review comics, books and music amongst other things. I also take issue with a lot of things.

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