X-Men Gold #8 Review

Secret Empire Part 2


Kitty Pryde has to juggle all her duties as leader as a mutant serial killer is on the loose in the X-Mansion while there are explosives planted under it to destroy the entire Mansion anyway.  Continue reading “X-Men Gold #8 Review”

The Flash #26 Review

Running Scared Part Two “One Way or Another”

The Reverse Flash shows both Barry Allen and Iris West the future they will live. Including a cameo from the future Flash this is an action packed issue full of time bending shenanigans.  Continue reading “The Flash #26 Review”

New Super-Man #13 Review

Shanghai Under Siege Part One

The new Emperor Super-Man kidnaps Dr Omen immediately after she admits to being Kong Kenan’s mother. This causes so much stress that Kenan loses control of his qi and subsequently his powers. Will he be able to lead the Justice League of China to save Dr Omen and his father?  Continue reading “New Super-Man #13 Review”