Nightwing #32 Review

Raptor’s Revenge Part Three


Dick Grayson deals Raptor into the deadliest game of Blackjack since he started working at Blockbuster’s casino.  Continue reading “Nightwing #32 Review”

The Hellblazer #14 Review

The Inspiration Game Part 2: Poetic Justice

Constantine does a ‘nostalgia’ spell and watches his first encounter Margaret Ames.  Continue reading “The Hellblazer #14 Review”

The Hellblazer #13 Review

The Inspiration Game Part 1: The Spirit Hunter

Constantine looks to have caused the death of someone in the hotel he’s staying at. He has no memory of the incident and definitely didn’t touch the man. But his intention to hurt the man appears to have been enacted. What did happen?  Continue reading “The Hellblazer #13 Review”