Spirits of Vengeance #2 Review

The team of Hellstrom, Ghost Rider and Blade continue on their investigation of the silver bullet handed to them by a dying angel but what they find only adds more questions. 

Writer: Victor Gischler

Artist: David Baldeon

Colourist: Andres Mossa

I’m trying to think about the most recent fantasy/ magic stories Marvel have put out recently. None come to mind, but I haven’t been reading everything they put out. If you have any favourite fantasy style stories from recent Marvel Comics then comment and let me know what they are, I’d love to read more.

Because I have a real love for this stuff. I was sold with Blade alone but Ghost Rider and Hellstrom are just a bonus. The story has everything I want, action, demons and a good team dynamic.

The plot feels nostalgic. It reminds me of the early Marvel Team Up stories I read while getting into comics. The ones with Blade and his team of expendable ‘heroes.’ The art is anything but nostalgic though. Baldeon rockets the series into the contemporary with his sleek stylish artwork. The cartoonish, maybe manga inspired artwork makes everyone look like they’re traveling at a hundred miles an hour. This art style really helps add to the intensity of a story about the war between Heaven and Hell.

If I was to have any complaint, I’d say it falls victim to the same thing as many of these stories. The fire is so intense in any scene featuring Ghost Rider or Hell that it’s hard to make out what’s happening. Mossa does well colouring but the flames overpower so much of the page that Ghost Rider’s body is hardly visible half the time.

Overall this was a really fun issue even if I struggled to make out what was happening in a couple of scenes.

Recommendation: pick up the issue.


Author: Alex

I review comics, books and music amongst other things. I also take issue with a lot of things.

2 thoughts on “Spirits of Vengeance #2 Review”

    1. The art is quite similar to Tradd Moore, you can see a bit of the Manga in some character’s eyes but more than anything it’s just a little different, I’d recommend you check it out to see what you think. I think it’s only running 5 issues.

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